1968 Chevy Impala


The 1968 chevy Impala was a fourth generation vehicle that made its mark in many people’s memories. It was a car that preached curves and smooth lines. In the 70’s this car was everywhere, but at around the same time, these cars also suffered a steady decline in sales. Still, though, the 60’s is still seen as a period where people seemed to buy nothing but muscle cars.

The 1968 chevy Impala sold more models than the previous year, but the SS models sold were less than half of the previous year. This was because the Impala was facing competition from other models that were in production by Chevrolet themselves. See, when the SS model was introduced, it became the top of the line Chevrolet car that was the most luxurious and could become the fastest if fitted with the big block V8s. But then, Chevrolet introduced the Caprice and that became the standard for luxury vehicles within the company. As the Impala SS models were dying out, the Caprice was rising up even though the Impala models themselves were selling well.

Other competition, though, were the other car companies that were selling units to the same target audience. Some of these companies sold models that had the same performance of a 1968 chevy Impala but in a smaller and lighter package. These smaller models were steadily gaining popularity within the market.

It wasn’t really a huge difference from year to year, the cosmetic redesigns were small and Chevrolet kept pushing the model even though it was suffering a sales drop. This fourth generation of impalas was completely redesigned in 1965, and at the time, record sales were set at upwards of 1 million units. When it came to the 1968 model, the front end got a small cosmetic change, though it made a huge difference. Impalas overwhelmed the market with the kind of sales it was making. The full sized cars could come with 250 V6’s, 307 V8’s, a PAIR of 327 V8’s or a 396 V8. On top of all of these, though, was the huge 427 V8 doing up to 425 horses. All of them capable of producing the power of hundreds of horses. A two-speed transmission came with the 250, 307 or the 325, but you could get a three-speed transmission with any of the V8 engines that were available.