1970 Dodge Dart


The 1970 Dodge Dart is a remarkable 2 door old school car. The original Dodge Dart was produced by Dodge, a division that Chrysler owned. Production went on for 16 years starting from 1960 onwards. Another one of those classic cars that gets you in the memory lane.  There were a lot of changes through the years as the model was updated and renewed to make it appealing to the target audience in the market. In 1970, the Dart was given a new look. It was refreshed to make it look more like the cars that Dodge usually produced. Some enthusiasts still consider this car a golden egg. Though this golden egg usually goes through some serious modding and upgrades.



The Dart was a car that never should have existed but given the way Chrysler did things, there it was. It became a huge success in terms of sales for nearly the entire time it was selling. The 1970 dodge dart are one of the earliest versions were compacts, real ones, that bear had enough room to house the engine. But later on, it took on a styling that made it look more like it’s brothers and sisters coming out from Dodge manufacturing lines. The Dart Swingers were upscale versions of the Darts and were sold mostly as two-doors that had the option to come in with a 340 V8 making it a pretty powerful ride. By 1975 though, Darts were on the way out and sales were dropping. But Dodge still kept making changes to subsequent models. The 76’ Dart would be the Dart’s final form. That year marks the last year that the Dart was in production. The name is borrowed from a totally unrelated car to replace the Caliber as Dodge’s compact passenger car.



In another country

In Brazil, the Dart had production continued from 69’ until 81’. There wasn’t a lot of changes and kept up the 74’-76’ look, considered the last A-body Dart ever made. All through those years, and any or almost any changes made to the car were mostly cosmetic. Then in Mexico, it continued for even longer. The Dodge Dart made it until 1989.


This “golden egg” gave many men the nostalgia of their childhood, of father figures that taught them how to drive in one of these, of the times they went to get ice-cream in the nearby town. Sometimes, they were a way of remembering those long gone father figures, and to keep them alive. And the 1970 dodge dart is one of the reserve memory off all times.