55 Chevy Tri-Five



The chevy full-size Bell Air got a new infusion of power. Advertising execs called it "the hot one", and the Chevrolet's styling was innovative with a Ferrari inspired grill. Bel Airs had a feature set the cheaper cards didn't have, hardtops, carpeted interiors, and chrome. These were impressive from the day they rolled out of the GM plant into the world of car guys everywhere. 

From Wikipedia

"This was not the first Chevrolet to be installed with a V8 engine. The first Chevrolet with a V8 engine was introduced in 1917 called the Series D which was built for two years, and was manufactured before Chevrolet joined General Motors."

Even Motor Trend gave it a high score and Popular mechanics said it would hit a flat 60 in less than 13 seconds. Besides burning a little to much oil, these cars were a dream for the driver and the mechanics who worked on them.

Modern companies like Iditit are still making parts for enthusiasts and Tri-Five lovers. You can buy Tri-Five Steering Columns and Accessories from Classic Rods, who also offers replacement gauges for the tri-five car and truck. https://www.classicrods.com/chevy-tri-five/

Later in 56 the full-width grill took over with some other obvious facelifts for the vehicle. The 57 even had increased displacement from the previous models, and we all know, nothing replaces displacement!

The era of the Tri-Five will live on, not only in our memories, but in the classic cars being restored every day, to take us back to the good ole days.